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​“Dirt free cleaning”is​ ​housekeeping companies in Pune aims to provide residential and commercial services in Pune and its surrounding area. We endeavor to deliver an unequaled, long lasting services and complete solution of the problem whereas people can get multiple benefits, work satisfaction. We value your need and importance of housekeeping, therefore always eager to help you and we have maintained the reliable relationship with our all clients by providing optimal and ​best housekeeping services in Pune​ within time.

Our Services

Home Cleaning

Your home gives you absolute joy when it is well cleaned. We love to clean and hence our recruited personnel are well trained to provide you efficient services.

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Sofa and Carpet Cleaning

Everyone love to live a dust free life and that's why we require daily cleaning but cleaning like stubborn stains is impossible at home and for that we are equipped to give you services...

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Indoor and outdoor Painting Service

A house is what where you must get comfort and peace of mind and it is possible if your home is well painted. Painting plays the vital role for growing your home's beauty...

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Construction Cleaning Services

After new construction or remodel of your home/company, too much debris, dust and dirt left there and that's why construction cleaning is crucial. To look your home clean ...

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Legal Advisory Services

In this rapidly growing and changing lifestyle, sometimes we require legal advice which is very efficient to us because one valuable advice can solve our biggest problem.

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Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning requires extremely qualified services, it's environment must be clean and fresh because clean and fresh workplace increase the productivity of employees.

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